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The prime purpose of the college is to impart higher education to the girls of a tribal-dominated area. It’s the only degree women’s college in the sub-division of Panchpir in the district of Mayurbhanj.The location of the college is in the Shimilipal biosphere , filled with beautiful natural scenes and far away from the hubbub of polluted crowded life.The institution began in 1996 by the intitiaon of a few generous social workers and intellectuals..

Gradually the institution has blossomed with its complete colour and fragrance.At present it is considered as a leading college in the area.

It has been included in the 2(f) and 12(B) of the U.G.C. The institution has been flourished to create more and more opportunities to enable the girl-students self-dependent with dignity..




 It's my proud privilege to welcome all my dear students, colleagues and co-workers to this college at the beginning of the new session 2015-16. Let us unitedly work for the bright and glorious session of the college.We launch our new website this year 9 September 2015.

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"To succeed in your mission,
you must have single minded,
devotion to your goal."

Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam.